the happening…

so here’s what’s happening of late.

1) i’ve been featured as one of the models for the eddy condos going up in hintonburg. this is my first modeling gig and i did it because my homie remi was in a bit of a pinch looking for folks. the dude is a great photographer and the shoot went super well. the developers of this place, also developed the GCTC in the same area and they’re known for building things to the highest of environmental standards, so i am super stoked to have been apart of the project.

haha you can probably find me, alongside claire farley, andrew carson and whitney lewis-smith on most lightposts and metro news stands across the city.

2) the raised by wolves lookbook dropped last night. it received some really positive feedback from hypebest, highsnobiety and the comments from their respective followers. again the boys did an amazing job with the line, and i am super fortunate to have been able to create something awesome with them!

speaking of which, tomorrow evening, i will be in montreal for the release party at off the hook, and the after party at blizzarts!

also happening tomorrow night, is the herd magazine release party here in ottawa. i unfortunately will be missing it, but my good homie tomas abdul-amal padjlhauser and i have a short article in there describing our time in vietnam! after having re-read it for the 2nd time, i am really stoked on it! it gives the perfect summary of exactly what happened on our trip. if you’re in town, you should definitely head to the party and pick up a zine!

3) lastly, and probably the least, i’ve been using this damn 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash and conditioner from old spice. if i have any advice to give, it would be to not buy this product. my hair feels weird and it’s definitely not conditioned. despite what terry crews will tell you, this ones a huge bunt.

haha anyhow a ton of amazing things happening! and a few more big things to come! can’t wait! wooooo!

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